Once NJ native Crystal now lives in AZ with her two kids and husband. She is a two time Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor, health and wellness ambassador, artist, geek, writer, and eternal student of life. Learning and sharing knowledge about healthy living is her passion. Crystal’s interests and hobbies range from writing to scrapbooking, reading, fitness, yoga, drawing, video games, and photography. She is currently writing a book about her cancer journey and how yoga changed her life. Eagle arms lotus

“It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but none can walk it for you.” – Rumi

 This blog is a way for her to share her passion for health and wellness with the world. I shall be documenting our journey to finding health, wealth, peace and happiness, and sharing some cool projects and ideas along the way.


We welcome any thoughtful feedback! If you would like to be on my blogroll, email me at modernyogamom@gmail.com and I’ll gladly add you.


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